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    Monday, August 5, 2013

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    Okay now you, like me, have been tricked into checking out this photo because of a misleading header. So these are NOT Hello Kitty breast implants at all, but bar soaps. Don't know how other users were misled... although it really calls up some ethical questions. Like if you have Ms Kitty filling out the twins then how is downstairs pussy different from upstairs pussies? And question number two is, why was that the first thing that crossed my mind?

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    How adorable are these braided accessories from Jennie Kwon, an LA based former lawyer turned jewellery designer? Check out her online shop for more minimalistic designs that would be great for stacking.

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    Friday, August 2, 2013

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    Alexander the Great, and how you really command an empire.

    You thought I was joking when I wrote that how toa youtube video mac. After you watch this video -- detailing what happened when Alexander Wang opened a warehouse of FREEBIES from his T by Alexander Wang collection to the public at a secret special event -- you'll see I'm just a gentle little lamb. Anyway, this is a beautifully filmed and intelligently engineered marketing video that proves that people will do anything for freebies. So don't blame those bloggers for "selling out" and doing things for free clothes/food/hotel stays etc. That beast is inside us ALL. But most of all those two girls fighting over the not-very-attractive red silk shirt.

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    It's been a while since a Shanghai Tang bag has catch my eye. Available at Shanghai Tang of course.

    Jade Bamboo Satchel HK$3,980
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    Thursday, August 1, 2013

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    A short break from our regularly scheduled shoe porn. Sorry, no vertiginous heels and exorbitant pricing. But here are perfect flats for the rain! I picked up a pair of these Melissa plastic fantastics in Times Square yesterday for HK$280, and now I never have to deal with stupid soggy ballet flats ever again, WIN.

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